Updating bios overheating

To check if your card has the Thermal pad kit and BIOS factory installed, please visit com/thermalmod.

Any customer who is not comfortable performing the recommended VBIOS update, may request a warranty cross-shipment* to exchange the product to EVGA for an updated replacement.

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All graphics cards shipped from EVGA after 11/1/2016 will have the VBIOS update applied.

* The EVGA Cross Shipping options are available in the Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, EU, UK, Norway, and Switzerland.

I am taking no responsibility for any damage you might have by following these instructions. With the USB drive plugged in the computer, reboot it into MS-DOS.

If it does not automatically boot from the USB drive, you may need to change your boot order or use a boot menu to select the device you want to boot from.

This is a short tutorial on updating the BIOS for MSI R9 280X graphics card to fix issues on overheating and VRM temperatures. There’s a tutorial here : How to create a DOS bootable USB drive.

Warning: There are always risks involved when flashing the BIOS, so this tutorial is for advanced users who know what they are doing. Copy both the BIOS and ATIFlash files that you have extracted in Step 1 to the USB drive with bootable DOS.EVGA offers Standard RMA replacement options in the Middle East, Africa, India, Latin America, and Mexico.10/21/2016 The test used in the referenced review from Toms Hardware (Germany) is running under Furmark, an extreme usage case, as most overclockers know.These thermal pads will be ready soon; and customers can request them starting Monday, October 24th, 2016.Also, we will work with Toms Hardware to do a retest.During our recent testing, we have applied additional thermal pads between the backplate and the PCB and between the baseplate and the heatsink fins, with the results shown below.

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