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If T falls in the rejection region, the null hypothesis is rejected.

The terms 'acceptance region' and 'rejection region' may also refer to the subsets of the sample space that would produce statistics T in the acceptance region or rejection region as defined above. Martin, D16 readings book Contexts: labor; macro adapted: The stochastic process and information sets are adapted if is a martingale difference sequence with respect to .

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There are 1332 items in this version of the glossary, dated November 27, 2005. Contexts: econometrics; estimation 3SLS: A kind of simultaneous equations estimation. First proposed by Zellner and Theil, Econometrica, 1962, pp 54-78. " or "we had to assume something, and we assumed this, without evidence." The writer is also implying "I do not cite evidence here because I do not know it or do not wish to discuss it." I do not know why they do not say this in English.

2SLS: an abbreviation for two stage least squares, an instrumental variables estimation technique.

Or maybe they like "a priori" because it is so short. abnormal returns: Used in the context of stock returns; means the return to a portfolio in excess of the return to a market portfolio.

Contexts: phrases A-D equilibrium: abbreviation for Arrow-Debreu equilibrium. Contrast excess returns which means something else. Example: Suppose average market return to a stock was 10% for some calendar year, meaning stocks overall were 10% higher at the end of the year than at the beginning, and suppose that stock S had risen 12% in that period. Contexts: finance absolute risk aversion: An attribute of a utility function. Contexts: micro theory; finance absorptive capacity: A limit to the rate or quantity of scientific or technological information that a firm can absorb. "Absorptive capacity: a new perspective on learning and innovation." Administrative Science Quarterly 35(1) pp 128-152.

In other words a partial explanation for R&D investments by firms is to work around the absorptive capacity constraint. Contexts: phrases accelerator principle: That it is the growth of output that induces continuing net investment.

That is, net investment is a function of the change in output not its level.The AIC is a number associated with each model: AIC=ln (s = (sum of squared residuals for model m)/T. The criterion may be minimized over choices of m to form a tradeoff between the fit of the model (which lowers the sum of squared residuals) and the model's complexity, which is measured by m.Thus an AR(m) model versus an AR(m 1) can be compared by this criterion for a given batch of data. 5-18 Contexts: econometrics; time series alienation: A Marxist term.This editor is advised that there is some mathematical difference.Source: Milgrom and Weber, Econometrica, 1982, p 1096.Source: Branson Contexts: macro acceptance region: Occurs in the context of hypothesis testing. Possible values of T can be divided into two regions, the acceptance region and the rejection region.

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