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To identify the root cause of these issues, the app runs checks such as: Checks licenses, Verify users' credentials and that Office 365 servers are reachable, Checks for updates to Outlook clients, Checks authentication, Network checks, Protocol checks The Priasoft Auto Discover Testing Tool is a great free utility for testing and reviewing Auto Discover for both Office 365 and Exchange On Premise.

Using our solution you have full control to test responses as different versions of Outlook, without Outlook required to be installed!

Extremely helpful when you have a mix of Outlook clients you are supporting in your environment. If you are upgrading from Outlook 2013 and your Exchange account wasn't moved to the new profile, you might be able to restore the old profile.

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If autodiscover records aren't published, your administrator will need to publish them so Outlook can find the account. If you want to use Outlook 2016 with an Exchange account, you'll need to let Outlook set the account up automatically.

From Tech Net's What's new for administrators in Outlook 2016 for Windows: Exchange connectivity settings are now retrieved directly from Auto Discover instead of the registry, making profiles more reliable.

If you have access to a computer with Outlook 2013 or older, you may be able to use the autodiscover file it used.

Type or paste %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook in the address bar of Windows Explorer to open Explorer to the folder where the autodiscover file is stored. Copy it the folder you entered in the registry, delete the previously created autodiscover file and rename the copy to You can try editing this XML but will need your Legacy DSN.

If your company doesn't publish autodiscover in DNS, you can try creating an XML file. Note: you'll get a redirect warning and may need to supply your username and password twice.

If the Exchange server is not properly configured, you'll need to create an containing all of your account information.

I recommend deleting any Outlook 2016 profiles of the same name or renaming the profile before adding this key to the Outlook 2016 profiles.

If this is the only profile you have, open Outlook.

(The calendar app uses Exchange Active Sync.) Businesses using Group Policy can block the automatic updates using the updated Office 2013 group policy template.

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