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If you go to You Tube to download or play videos, I can take no responsibility for the material you or the children in your care watch.Please be warned: just because my face and/or voice is on a You Tube page, it does not follow that it has anything to do with me.All this leads me to explore their background and find out what happened to the relatives who disappeared during the Second World War.

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Or, if you look closely on You Tube you’ll see the tag ‘artificedesign’ .

Click on that and you’ll see a ‘room’ of all 92 videos that I filmed specially for this site.

The poems are all taken from my books and this series of performances was produced by my son Joe. Please please please play or download my videos from this site only.

These are the only videos officially sanctioned by me as being suitable for children.

So, if you’re interested you can find me in these three places chatting away most days. Quite a few people recently have asked me where they can find the words of ‘Chocolate Cake’.

As you probably know there is a video of me performing ‘Chocolate Cake’ right here, along with 91 other poems filmed by my son Joe plus some other videos of me in performance from BBC Learning in Scotland and the like.I am not responsible for either the words or pictures of these.If you want to be sure that you’re looking at videos that I made, please only go through this site. It’s a reminiscence of what it was like growing up in the London suburbs in the 40s, 50s and 60s, with parents who came from London’s East End, with roots in Poland.They were Communists up until 1957 and then left, after we came back from East Germany.Use the words and phrases that teachers and children collect as ‘first lines’ or as ‘titles’ to see where it leads you. They are only useful after not before you start writing. It will always be a richer and more exciting place to start than boring structures.

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