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There were 11,643 cases pending in Pennsylvania’s immigration courts on March 1 — a 62 percent increase over the end of fiscal 2016.

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It also did not matter to Anne or her open-armed family that Lulu, as they called him, was undocumented.

At their wedding in 2013, the Americans and the Guatemalans danced the night away with Latin DJs imported from Queens.

There are no public records akin to police blotters in criminal cases.

The names of ICE arrestees, and the circumstances of their arrests, are not released.

Since Trump took office, deportation officers have been unshackled, as the White House describes it, from an Obama-era mandate to focus limited enforcement resources on deporting immigrants with serious criminal convictions.

Across the country, they have been rounding up people like Franco who have sunk roots in this country, living for years, if not decades, with little fear of apprehension.Many of the immigrants arrested in this region last year were simply hapless: They lived in buildings or worked in restaurants or traveled on rural roads that ICE was staking out.They were mushroom pickers in vans that got pulled over without cause; dishwashers in pizzerias that got raided without warrants; Latino men who loosely resembled other Latino men who were ostensibly ICE’s intended targets.For this series, reporters obtained and analyzed unpublished data showing monthly at-large arrests in each of ICE’s 24 regional offices in 2017.The analysis showed a large majority — 64 percent — of the immigrants arrested in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware had no criminal convictions.The office oversees ICE enforcement in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia.

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