consolidating debt with a home equity loan - Wdlxtv live webinterface updating umsp plugins

I have used xmount to mount the NAS, and can see my files using Video Folders, but the search button doesnt appear to do anything, either in this folder or the Movie Sheets folder in the main menu.

I have ensured that the msplus_WATCHKEY has been changed from the search key, but still no luck.

If you want to create a new page, PM one of the developers and he will create the page for you.

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Im currently running 1.02.21 Hey Pommy, you'd best of having a chat with Markster (the developer).

He has requested all beta testers send him their issues directly rather than asking on forums so that he can address them personally. I couldn't live without them :) By the way, FYI Movie Sheets requires 1.02.21 to work, so think carefully before you upgrade!

The list: UMSP Plugin – Stream media from the internet to your TV.

Media Mark Plugin – Puts a tick next to files which you have viewed in the past. Media Navigation Plugin – Better fast forward and rewind functionality that is provided by the default firmware.

He will be releasing a new version of the firmware shortly but I don't know how many bug fixes/issues have been resolved in it. :) As a side note, I believe with all releases above 1.02.21 give you DVD menu navigation which would be very handy for me, but 1.02.21 has too many goodies for me to leave it.

EDIT: By the way, are you running the Ext3 firmware?

(There have been a few occasions where i stop watching a movie close to the end and i would like to skip to it much faster than it currently does the next time i play it)In any case i saw a dude on youtube with the custom fw that was able to fast forward much quicker..i thought i saw a plugin that would do this on the WD but the name escapes me. ) Thanks in directly related, but in case you couldn't resume the movie to where you where when you stop, you can perform 10 min jumps in the movie in 3 simple steps:to advance 10 min - press FF- press NEXT (and repeat for additional 10min)- press play to resumeto rewind 10 minutes- press FR (rewind)- press PREV (and repeat for additional 10min)- press play to resume Jay is Plugin support for the WDTVLive on the roadmap at all?

So here is my questions:1) Does anyone know what this mystical plugin is..maybe another solution? e.g., I'd love to add the remote control discrete code functionality, among others, talked of in this thread...

Also note that I haven't used the standard firmware so do not know how good it is.

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