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But with 12 AA batteries you can have up to 2 months of battery life in WAKE mode and up to 3 months in ECO mode. Do not mix lithium and alkaline batteries." width="45" height="44" xlink:href="../images/dot.png" transform="matrix(1 0 0 1 522 506)" You can buy either a prepaid card or a phone plan from your local operator and find its settings in the Trophy Cam Menu.

For MMS mode, a SIM card with unlimited MMS/SMS is recommended.

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Install batteries (12x AA lithium) and an SD or SDHC card (up to 32GB).

The Trophy Cam can operate with only 4 batteries but Bushnell recommends using a full set of Energizer® Lithium AA batteries (12) to obtain maximum battery life.

Featuring all the classic Trophy Cam specs, it now offers easy pre-settings to let you automatically select your country and provider after inserting your SIM Card, as well as a 6-language user menu.

Once you Trophy Cam is out in the woods or monitoring your house, you can configure it remotely by sending special SMS-Commands from your smartphone.

Important : the PIN code must always be deactivated on the SIM card you insert in the Trophy Cam.

By using the left arrow , find the “Wireless Setting” screen in the Menu.

Once finished press Menu to save Always verify your newly-created email has been activated before trying to use it.

Specify up to 5 different emails address to which you want to receive the images sent by your Trophy Cam Wireless. Press Menu to save These emails are "Receivers" emails and should not be mistaken with the "Sender" email which you have input in the previous step. If you want you can go back to the “Wireless Setting” screen by clicking on the Menu button.

If you want to setup your Trophy Cam Wireless to receive MMS, please go back to Step 2.

By using the left arrow, find the “Wireless Setting” screen in the menu.

Note : the PIN code must always be deactivated on the SIM card you insert in the Trophy Cam.

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