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She also attended innumerable seminars, workshops, and conferences and must have inevitably crossed paths with Allen on a number of different occasions.After a stint as an army photographer in Korea and graduate school at Georgetown University, Allen, a native of East Tyler, Texas, began his career as a photo intern at National Geographic and rose through the ranks to become top editor.

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So the nagging question rocketing around the photo community is: how will he cope as Tipper’s high wattage sidekick?

According to an article published by The Washington Post on Friday, the former vice president, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and speaker of truths not convenient has found himself a new lady friend.

According to well-placed individuals, a shared passion for photography lit the spark.

Tipper used to hang out with photographers at National Geographic, and over the years became so accomplished that her work now commands up to $1,000 a photo at galleries in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Some colleagues viewed him as “calm, friendly, collected, a foxhole type of guy.” Others, like his No.

2 Robert Poole, describe him as outwardly friendly but basically aloof.

Friends say they were “surprised”—some say “shocked” —by the unexpectedly flashy outing.“It must be true,” concludes a longtime intimate of Tipper.

“That picture of Tipper [in the Post] was not a stock shot. It was taken by one her closest friends in Nashville, Nancy Rhoda, and either she or someone else gave it to the paper.”Former National Geographic executive editor and author Robert Poole says he first heard about the “deep friendship,” as the paper calls the pair’s relationship, through the social grapevine early last January.

Allen “was so retiring, and did not want any attention, but he‘s really got it now,” says Poole.

Since her separation from former VP Al Gore after 40 years of marriage, the usually effervescent Tipper has opted out of the limelight as well.

She zeroed in on her family (three daughters and a son, plus several grandchildren) and her main interests (photography and mental-health advocacy), dividing her time between California and her childhood family home in Alexandria.

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