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Annie has also been a part of national and international conference during the very time due to her adorable and exclusive presentation skills and styles.Annie is tall in her height and her body is very sexy with the perfect figure.She was influenced by her mother in working within the banking segments but her passion dragged her into the entertainment industry as her professional career from the very beginning. Louis Missouri and she was a very attentive in her studies.

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Annie is also engaged within social charity as well.

She is also working into the organization providing the amount of her salary for the victim of heart disease.

I could start with my last scene from episode four and then go to my first scene from episode three, so it’s very jumbled back and forth. Some of them like to keep it as close to an order as they can, but that’s hard to do sometimes with location. I have to say, thank goodness hair and makeup is on top of their continuity [list]. I just had to give myself over to, “She’s a crazy person,” and do it all with a smile and pretend that it was a normal thing.

() BE: That’s funny, because I was going to ask you something about how it must have been frustrating to see Renee get “put in holding”… BE: …right after a scene where you got to kick some ass. We did enough that we were concerned that there was a red mark being left on his cheek. But it was fun, we got to learn that song, and I got to learn a couple of chords on the guitar, and do all that stuff with James Spader, so it was fun and creepy at the same time.

Now that you’ve told me it’s all shot out of order, you may have been doing those scenes at the exact same time. As far as where you could see the hand hitting the cheek, maybe four [takes] or something. BE: Well, I have blown through all of my questions, which I was not expecting. BE: I lived in Chicago for ten years, so I’m a Cubs fan, but I always loved it when the Cardinals came up because the St. They know their baseball, and they don’t take it too seriously. There are two weekends coming up where the Cubs and Cardinals are at it, so that should be fun.

AW: Yeah, I was very sad when I was in the holding room for a while. He was a very good sport about it, and was actually encouraging me to slap him harder. BE: When you began shooting, did you wonder whether your character would live to see the final clock tick, given the tendency for Jack's love interests to bite it prematurely? Yeah, I knew the odds were stacked against me, but hey, it’s a chance I was definitely willing to take to get to run around with Jack Bauer. BE: One of our other writers wanted me to mention that he was a fan of the episode of “Boston Legal” where you played a white supremacist. The only thing I have left is that I see that you’re from St. AW: I am a huge Cardinals fan, and they lost yesterday! BE: Talk to me when the Cubs win a playoff game, but until they do, I’m just going to assume that they’re going to choke, like they always do. BE: Well, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. BE: I’m very curious to find out what happens with Miss Jacqueline Bauer over the rest of the season. I’d seen every episode of every season going way, way back, so yes. BE: Was there a palpable sense of urgency on the set, the feeling that this season had to be great in order to make up for the previous one? You know, I think, combined with having a little bit longer to film this season, I think that helped us with having a little something to prove after Season Six.BE: Tell me about the process of shooting “24.” Is anything shot out of sequence, or it is all done in chronological order in order to preserve continuity? We shoot two episodes at a time, so we take three weeks to shoot, like, episodes three and four together. this year, we saved little bits and pieces from the first eight episodes, little scenes here and there, and then went to D. and would shoot a random scene for episode one even though we were already on episode nine, just so we could shoot it outside with monuments behind us.She currently appears on TV series Runways alongside Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Orkano, Virginia Gardener and other stars. She is married to actor/comedian Stephen Full since 2009.The duo got married in September 2009 after dating for few years. Annie gave birth to their first son on August 8, 2010, and second on 4 August 2013.They have been happily married to date without any divorce rumor.

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