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While waiting for her big break, the brunette continued to hone her skills through private acting lessons and supplementary drama classes.

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First premiered in May 2006, followed the lives of several professional women in the bustling city of Los Angeles; although the series originally focused mainly on Conrad (who had also appeared in the show’s predecessor), it later went on to emphasize and chronicle the lives of her friends.

As one of them, Patridge was depicted as the fun and outgoing one of the group.

Chasing her dreams as a student, she took several drama classes in hopes that one day she would be able to make it big in the show business.

Eager to start her acting career, Patridge signed on with a small Los Angeles management company as soon as she turned eighteen in the early 2000’s.

Looking past that, the reality series ran for just over a hundred episodes, spanning over six seasonsーPatridge was one of only two original cast members, that remained for the entire duration of the show (the other being that of Heidi Montag). Following the traditional style and format of the series, it featured a group of celebrities who are each paired with a professional dancer; as the show progresses, they then perform a number of predetermined dances to compete against one another for the audience and judges’ approval.

Every week, the couple with the lowest score is eliminated until a winning pair is left at the end of the series.Eventually while waiting for her big break, Patridge was approached by a producer who later invited her to the cast of a MTV reality series called, when she was twenty one.Although it was a reality television series and not a straight-up acting role, the brunette gladly accepted it as her first step into the show businessーlittle did she know at the time, that it would ultimately become one of her most well-known roles on the small screen to date.So what has the television personality and reality star been up to since then? Growing up in the suburban city of Yorba Linda, California, Patridge took part in several school productions and dreamt of becoming a Hollywood actress.Aside from being a fan of the performing arts, she also took part in many other activities such as cheerleading, martial arts and dance in her early life.Cast as one of the main characters of , Patridge’s on-screen presence and popularity soon began to riseーbefore long, she had already risen to prominence as a television personality.

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