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She has 'quit' her job as Monk's assistant at least twice; in the episode "Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger" (this was due to a pay dispute (her paychecks had bounced regularly); she temporarily got a job at a lamp store).Sharona's 'quitting' became a running gag in the show, until she finally left in 2004 to remarry her ex-husband, Trevor Howe, following "Mr. This was because Bitty Schram quit the show over contract disputes.In this episode, she also begins her relationship with Lt.

Sharona helps out, sometimes doing independent investigations and sometimes even using her sex appeal to get information that Monk cannot.

She also does all kinds of things that Monk's OCD and phobias prevent him from doing as she has few such reservations herself. Monk Goes to the Circus," Sharona is revealed to have a fear of elephants, due to seeing a girl falling into an elephant pit when she was seven years old.

Sharona goes back to her position as a registered nurse.

Monk and Natalie meet her when they bring Julie to the hospital to be treated for a broken wrist.

When her son Benjy was one, she did some nude modeling under a pseudonym in Atlantic City, revealed to Monk in that episode when playboy Dexter Larsen of Sapphire Magazine threatens to publish these photos to keep Monk from investigating him further. Monk Meets Dale the Whale" Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck asks Sharona if she is "still making house calls," to which Sharona replies that "she doesn't do that kinda stuff anymore," implying that at one point she used her LPN training to do home health care. When Sharona returned in season 8, she had re-divorced her husband, and was an administrator at a veterans hospital in New Jersey.

It was also stated that Sharona was a registered nurse before becoming Adrian Monk's practical nurse. Monk and the Captain's Wife, Sharona noted that she was an R. (at the time of the episode) and interned with the doctors who were going to operate on Karen Stottlemeyer. In Mr Monk and Sharona, Sharona and Randy started a relationship, seeming to have picked up on the flirting banter they had shared during the first 3 seasons on Monk. Monk and the End that Randy had spent 2 weeks visiting Sharona, and that he had accepted a job as Police Chief of Summit New Jersey and had found a home to share with Sharona.

In this episode she explained what she had been doing since she left.

She meets Natalie Teeger, Monk's new assistant, and it seems that they are going to get along until it is revealed that Monk paid Sharona a week more than Natalie.

Sharona Fleming is a fictional character in the USA Network television series Monk.

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