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I was also so taken up with the story of the film and our Director's enthusiasm and belief, I just wanted to jump on board and fly with him.(On how she developed her character in Wah-Wah) I sought out, wherever we went on location, friends of Richard's who had known the rather remarkable, as I daily discovered, Lady Riva that my character was based on.I tried to incorporate as many of her qualities and idiosyncrasies as I could.

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The actress made a deal with Benjamin in her early forties to have a baby – a son called Angus – but didn’t expect him to play any part in his upbringing.

In her 2011 autobiography, the Happy Hoofer, she says she “laid out her terms” during a walk on the beach and told him that in return for giving her a child, she would not ask anything from him.

She had a relationship with an actor Benjamin Whitrow and even had a son with him.

Just a friendly reminder: don't be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on her. Scroll down and check out her short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts.

As I was going to be the first female pilot they'd ever used, I thought I'd put on some lipstick, and make an effort.

When asked about Star Wars: I'm amazed anyone recognized me covered up in that hat and goggles.

While she struggles at first to settle into the new life, she soon finds comfort in her sister’s colourful friendship group.

And it’s not long until the gang teach her that the divorce might just give her a whole new lease of life and love.

In January 2018 it won the Audience Award for Best Film at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Celia Imrie has a son with the later actor Benjamin Whitrow.

She won the 2006 Olivier Award for Best Supporting Performance in a Musical for her role as Miss Babs in Acorn Antiques: The Musical.

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