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Born in Salem on November 16, 1995 Aged to 16 in February 2009 Graduated high school on June 23, 2011 Said to be 18 in on March 19, 2012 Arianna's birth certificate listed Will as 20 in June 2013 Died October 9, 2015 Tombstone listed birth as November 16, 1992 William Robert Reed (birth name) William Reed Roberts (full name) Will Roberts (used the surname Roberts until Lucas changed his last name to "Horton" to distance the family from Kate) William Robert Horton (name listed on Arianna Grace's birth certificate) Columnist for Sonix Former Screenplay writer Former columnist for Tru Vista Former college student Former intern for E. Di Mera's mayoral campaign, then staff Former server at the Brady Pub Former Co-founder of Salem Sports (website shut down in November 2011) Former intern for Di Mera Enterprises Former High School Student (graduated high school June 23, 2011) Apt #15 in Salem (May 2014 to October 2015) Formerly Apt #14 in Salem (June 2013 to May 2014) Formerly apartment in Salem (in E. 4B in Salem The Di Mera mansion (April 2010 to October 2010) Sami's penthouse (February 2007 to April 2010) Formerly somewhere in Switzerland (with Carrie and Austin) (November 2007 - February 2009) Formerly various locations including Lucas, Sami, and Austin's apartments, the Brady home above the pub, and the Kiriakis mansion (1995 - November 2007) Lucas Roberts (father) Sami Brady (mother) Alice Caroline Horton (sister) John "Johnny" Roman Di Mera (half-brother) Sydney Di Mera (half-sister) Bill Horton (paternal grandfather) Kate Roberts (paternal grandmother) Roman Brady (maternal grandfather) Marlena Evans (maternal grandmother) Tom Horton Sr. discovered Ian's scheme, all charges were dropped and neither Sami nor Will faced any charges for helping E. The whole experience brought Sami and Will closer, and made Will more comfortable.(paternal great-grandfather; deceased) Alice Grayson (paternal great-grandmother; deceased) Shawn Brady (maternal great-grandfather; deceased) Caroline Brady (maternal great-grandmother) Frank Evans (maternal great-grandfather; deceased) Martha Evans (maternal great-grandmother; deceased) Sid Grayson (maternal great-great-grandfather; deceased) Abigail Grayson (maternal great-great-grandmother; deceased) Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-great-great-grandfather; deceased) Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-great-great-grandmother; deceased) Eric Brady (maternal uncle) Mike Horton (paternal half-uncle) Jennifer Horton (paternal half-aunt) Austin Reed (paternal half-uncle) Billie Reed (paternal half-aunt) Rex Brady (paternal half-uncle / maternal half-uncle) Cassie Brady (paternal half-aunt / maternal half-aunt) Philip Kiriakis (paternal half-uncle) Donald Jeremiah Craig Jr. Will began spending more time with Sonny Kiriakis and other friends Will's age. When Sonny surprised Will with a kiss, Will rejected Sonny and Sonny lashed out at Will.

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Everyone worried that his unstable home life was the cause of his antics. Nick presented Gabi with a proposal -- marry him and let everyone think that he is the father of the baby.

Eventually his childish outburst subsided, yet Will became a very unhappy young man. Gabi agreed and the two of them convinced Will that this was the best move for everyone.

But, like their first try at marriage, Lucas and Sami's second attempt fell apart and once again left Will in the wake of the destruction. Will's fingerprints showed up on the murder weapon. Sami even offered to sign a document that would forbid her from coming near the baby. After Will found out about the fight, Will went to Sami for help.

Kate crashed the wedding moments before they were legally married and announced Sami's latest misdeeds. Again, Will was devastated and even lashed out at his mother. She said that she had already been working on a plan -- she'd move back into the Di Mera mansion with E. and the kids and start to build a relationship with Stefano in hopes that he would see her family as his own and use his contacts at the Salem PD to destroy the evidence against Will. Stefano agreed to help Will and had the evidence removed from the police department.

J.'s shooting and Arianna's hit-and-run (October 2010) Tried to blackmail E. (2012) Broke into Abe's computer and stole Abe's jobs plan for E. (2012) Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to Detective Bernardi's shooting (June 2013) Secretly taped Kate, E. and Sami in preparation for his editorial about Sami and Kate taking over Di Mera Enterprises (August 2014) Adultery- Slept with Paul while married to Sonny (February 2015) Will was born on November 16, 1995 as William Reed, named after Austin's sister Billie. It turned out that Ian Mc Allister was the one who shot Stefano. Sami was thrilled when Will started dating Sonny Kiriakis.

His infancy was fairly normal until 1997 when it was revealed that Austin was not his biological father. Lucas, however comfortable with the theory of his son being gay, did not react as favorably when he saw Will and Sonny kissing in public.

Much to Will's delight, she and Lucas became close and eventually married. blamed Will for Nicole moving out and fired Will on the spot. Will was still determined to get his daughter back. Sonny suggested that he, Will, Gabi, and Arianna Grace all move into an apartment together. Living together was working fairly well until Sonny and Will learned that Gabi had rekindled her relationship with Nick.

Also to his delight, Sami and Austin were growing close once again and soon became engaged. But, slowly, Will grew to like the power that being associated with the Di Meras brought. that Stefano had forced Will to let it slip that Sami and E. had slept together the night that Johnny went missing. Will was crushed and blamed Stefano for the loss of his relationship with E. One day while walking though the Horton Square, Will and Sonny witnessed Nick and Gabi being escorted away by a man named Jensen. Sonny and Will were both furious, but Gabi told them that she's take Arianna and move out if they didn't let her live her own life.

(paternal great-uncle) Addie Horton (paternal great-aunt; deceased) Mickey Horton (paternal great-uncle; deceased) Marie Horton (paternal great-aunt) Kimberly Brady (maternal great-aunt) Kayla Brady (maternal great-aunt) Frankie Brady (maternal great-uncle; via adoption) Max Brady (maternal great-uncle; via adoption) Samantha Evans (maternal great-aunt; deceased) Bo Brady (maternal great-half-uncle; deceased) Eric Brady (maternal great-great-uncle; deceased) Colleen Brady (maternal great-great-aunt; deceased) Molly Brady (maternal great-great-aunt) Robert Evans (maternal great-great-uncle) Sandy Horton (paternal first cousin once removed) Steven Olson (paternal first cousin once removed) Julie Olson (paternal first cousin once removed) Hope Williams (paternal first cousin once removed) Melissa Horton (paternal first cousin once removed) Sarah Horton (paternal first cousin once removed) Jessica Blake (paternal first cousin once removed) Baby Deveraux (paternal half-cousin; once removed) Andrew Donovan IV (maternal first cousin once removed) Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (maternal first cousin once removed) Stephanie Johnson (maternal first cousin once removed) Joey Johnson (maternal first cousin once removed) Shawn-Douglas Brady (maternal half-first cousin once removed / paternal second cousin) Zack Brady (maternal half-first cousin once removed / paternal second cousin; deceased) Ciara Brady (maternal half-first cousin once removed / paternal second cousin) Colin Murphy (maternal first cousin twice removed) Ryan (maternal first cousin twice removed; deceased) Trista Evans (maternal first cousin twice removed) Tate Black (maternal second cousin) Spencer Olson (paternal second cousin) David Banning (paternal second cousin) Robert Anderson Jr. The two slept together, but immediately regretted their mistake.

(paternal second cousin) Nick Fallon (paternal second cousin; deceased) Nathan Horton (paternal second cousin) Thomas Deveraux (paternal half-cousin once removed) David Banning (paternal second cousin once removed) Eli Grant (paternal second cousin once removed) Got into a lot of fights at school (2002) Accidentally hurt Abby while playing (2002) Ran away from home (2006) Picked up for underage drinking (2007) Shot E. Di Mera (2007) Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to E. Will realized that he was avoiding his feelings for Sonny, so he went to Sonny and told him that he was ready for a relationship.

Everyone was delighted by his return and that Will was no worse for wear (just hungry and out of money). She made sure to make time for him whenever he wanted to talk, and even tried to encourage him to open up to his parents as well. So, he took comfort in his newly developed friendship with E. Sami, whom Kate had texted to meet her, arrived shortly after.

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