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“I think the goal of any documentary is to try to be true to the experience.

We were juggling not only the making of and that crazy experience that had been documented but also doing a biography of both Andy and Jim and how this experience affected Jim going forward.

Carrey did admit that he paid her an undisclosed amount of money in 2013 to stop Ms White from revealing her story that she had contracted herpes from him.

He said his former girlfriend committed suicide in 2015 because she was guilty about taking the money.

I think it's because he's put so much thought into his career and existence and everything else that's going on in his head.

I didn't know him personally going into the project but Spike did so he had a much better sense of the scope this could have.

The note, written by Carrey’s former girlfriend, was brought to light by lawyers acting on behalf of her family.

In the distraught message, Ms White accuses the actor of ruining her life, saying “you gave me hsv and hpv, I want you to apologise for it because you care enough to.

“He ended up coming again the next night because he loved the film.

He said it was the closest he’s seen to capturing Andy's life and legacy.

An incriminating note written on Cathriona White’s i Pad two years before her suicide has accused Jim Carrey of giving her herpes and introducing her to drugs.

The message is part of a wrongful death lawsuit brought against the actor by Ms White’s family.

's Milos Forman), entertainment of his co-stars (Danny De Vito, Courtney Love) and wonder of the world.

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