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I can’t.” It’s funny that of all the people in the world she could have chosen from, she had to choose someone’s . I do know that and I have accepted that.” Eddie then also decides to join the conversation and openly talks about falling in love with Le Ann for the first time. We make mistakes and we learn from them, but we’re human. He continues on saying, “We’re talking about something that’s over a year, year-and-a-half old, really, and we’re still together, and we’re madly in love.She starts crying when the interviewer asks about her book .

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Brandi Glanville, who was married to Cibrian before his affair with Le Ann ended their marriage, has been highly vocal in her criticism of her love rival (Granville's recent book, Drinking and Tweeting leaves no spurned-wife stone unturned).

Moreover Le Ann, an avid fan of social media, was faced with a barrage of criticism over her affair with Cibrian from assorted Twitter followers – criticism that helped play a part in her decision to enter rehab for a 30-day treatment period last August for 'anxiety and stress' issues.'I have considered staying off [social media],' admits Le Ann, 'but I've basically just learned to deal with the criticism.

So you chose to cheat and now you’re on a rampage defending yourself and your actions because the general public really dislikes you now. Here’s a tip: If you’re going to cheat, cheat with a single person and don’t go on television trying to justify your actions.

Given the personal turbulence that has surrounded her in recent years, it's sometimes easy to forget just how successful a recording artist Le Ann Rimes has actually been.

It's moving and at times quite emotional to listen to, 'and I think the last four years of my life just came out through my music,' she says.

'I don't think I expected the album to be this honest, but I found that the emotions just came pouring out of me.'Obviously, it was a very controversial topic to write about,' says Le Ann, 'and as hard as it was for me to write the song, I think it painted a true picture of that situation.I wasn't being hard on myself when I wrote it – that line about feeling pathetic was just true – but I wanted to describe a very stark moment in my life.With two Grammys, three Academy of Country Music awards and record sales of around 40 million worldwide, she has become one of country music's most successful crossover artists.She first burst onto the scene as a precocious 13-year-old with a number one debut album Blue and after following it up with hits such as Can't Fight the Moonlight and How Do I Live, not to mention a youthful marriage to back-up dancer Dean Sheremet, Le Ann looked to have avoided the typical pitfalls of early fame with a relatively calm, trouble-free existence.''People said I was [anorexic],' says Le Ann, 'but I didn't have a problem with eating as I ate a tonne all the time – I could eat my husband under the table!

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