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The web continues to delight and surprise me on a daily basis, whether that’s new technologies, startups or simply ‘that’ person adding you as a friend on Facebook that used to be so attractive… It’s not often that I stumble across a blog article that leaves me speechless…

which was exactly what happened when Mike Butcher’s tweet lead me to this article entitled ‘Startups: Your Online Business Will Fail’ on the site Startup Professional Musings.

Jessie Nizewitz, 28, says she was repeatedly promised by the producers that her private parts would be “blurred out” during the show’s third episode in May. The Long Island beauty has worked with famed fashion designer and convicted pedophile Anand Jon, who counted a who’s who of Hollywood stars as his friends, including Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba.

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Plus, the provider will have the funds to continually update the platform, introducing new features to retain members, keeping them interested and engaged. Social networks certainly offer the potential of tapping into a vast market that may feel that dating sites are still seen as socially unacceptable.

However, I would be surprised to see social networks launching dating functionality of their own at this stage.

When the episode aired on July 31, Nizewitz became the butt of jokes on You Tube, Twitter and Tumblr, the papers state. “I think they owe me a huge apology,” Nizewitz said.

She added that the show cost her a “budding relationship” with a man she had been seeing for a month. I would have hoped we could have had a long-term relationship.

Dating violence in high school is all too prevalent and has lasting consequences.

But schools aren’t doing enough to address the problem.

By launching a dating site with a white label provider, partners are provided with a database of active members, so that their site is never empty.

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